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Core-Plasma Modeling in improving the Competence of Elementary School Teachers through the Center for Primary Education Studies (PKPD) UPI, Tasikmalaya Campus

Dr. Syarip Hidayat, M.Pd, Drs. Sumardi, M.Pd

The problem faced by teachers in their profession as educators and teachers in general is the stagnation of the transformation of pedagogical knowledge learned in tertiary institutions with the needs in school. Higher education is very progressive in developing science, especially modern learning models, but the facts in the field are that teachers in general have not been able to take advantage of these scientific treasures effectively. Teachers have been teaching with conventional and limited learning approaches and models. Efforts to continue to grow and develop various learning innovations are carried out by the government through various programs including training activities, workshops and others. But unfortunately the transformation of educational ideas and innovations has not been effective, especially in terms of disseminating the results of the training to other teachers. So far, training and workshop activities have not been effective due to the limited number of participants, so they cannot accommodate all teachers in the regions. Apart from that, so far there has been no solid platform or system, especially in the effort to disseminate the results of the training. Seeing this fact, actually the task of higher education institutions such as UPI which has regional campuses can contribute in terms of being a forum for the sustainable development of teacher professionalism in the regions. One of the things that can be developed is nucleus-plasma modeling where this model can be a solution to the hindrances of scientific transformation and various learning innovations. In this Inti-Plasma model, the system developed is an awareness and obligation to apply all the knowledge obtained in the training and then the teacher becomes a trainer or mentor for other teachers in the school. Teachers who have had the opportunity to receive training seem to be the nucleus and other teachers are the plasma for the development of a more innovative and meaningful learning tradition.