Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Formerly a teacher’s college, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) is a comprehensive university that currently offers diverse fields such as educational sciences, education-based disciplines, religion, humanities, and social sciences, both pure and applied sciences. Given its wider mandate, UPI also grows in academic community the value of cross-fertilization of pure and applied disciplines.

To develop its global competitiveness, the university has taken leading and outstanding as the motto. Leading means that UPI manages to become the cutting edge of educational innovations. Meanwhile, outstanding indicates the university competitiveness as a regionally and globally prominent higher education institution with its unique and distinctive characteristics and specialties.

Vision, Mission & Objectives


Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia envisions to be a leading and outstanding university


To achieve the vision statement above, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia has some mission statements:

  1. To provide education by proportionally cross-fertilizing educational sciences and disciplines of religion, humanities, social, formal and applied sciences in order to strengthen the educational sciences and disciplines;
  2. To conduct research to develop educational theories and practices as well as other innovative and local wisdom-based disciplines;
  3. To develop integrated teacher professional education in academic and professional education at all levels; and
  4. To disseminate experiences and innovations in educational sciences, disciplines of religion, humanities, social, formal and applied sciences for social betterment.


Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia aims to:

  1. Produce teachers, education personnel, scientists, and experts in all higher education programs supported by religious piety and excellent global competitiveness.
  2. Produce, develop, and disseminate science and technology to improve people’s welfare.