Campus Life

Students Associations

There are various kind of students association in UPI consists of University level, Postgraduate School, Faculties, Departments, Study Programs and Regional Colleges. In University level UPI has a President of UPI Student Board (KM-UPI) and UPI Student Representative Council (DPM/MPM) who have a duty to organize students activity from all faculties. In a faculty level, students association presents in the form of UPI Student Executive Board (BEM) and Students Senate Board (SM). In a Department level, UPI also has Department Student Association (HMJ) who support Senate Board (SM) in conducting the program.

In addition, UPI also has various Student Activity Unit (UKM – Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa) which gather students from various faculties who have an interest in the same field. These student activity units includes sports, arts, and other special activities. Student Activity Units (UKM) that coordinates student activities are as follow:

  • In the field of Studi and Reasoning UPI has the Student Intellectual Development and Assessment Institute (LEPPIM), the Student Publishing Unit (UPM), the Community Studies Activity Unit (UKSK).
  • In the sports fields UPI has Athletics, Ku Shin Ryu M, Karate Do Indonesia (KKI), Judo, Perisai Diri Martial Art, Pencak Silat Tenaga Dasar Martial Art (PSTD), Tarung Derajat Martial Art (BOXER), Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling, Boxing, Soccer, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis Sport, Sepak Takraw, Softball/Baseball, Chess, Badminton, Archery, Hockey, Basketball, Rowing, Fencing, Gymnastic.
  • Religious fields include Student Da'wah Activity (UKDM), Development Tilawah Al Quran (UPTQ), Kalam, Christian Student Association (PMK), Coaching Alif Qurani (PAQ), and BAQI.
  • Arts and Literature Field include Student Choir (PSM), Laras Dance Club, ASAS, Studio 229, Lakon (Theater), Forum Seni Estetika (Aesthetic Art Forum), Student Film Unit (UFM), Performance and Linguistic Cultivation Workshop (SBL).
  • Special Interest areas include Boyscout Pramuka Gudep KB 01005-01006, Student Cooperative (KOPMA) Bumi Siliwangi, UKM Radio (URM eSKa) and UKM Mahawarman Student Regiment (Menwa) Yon XI.
  • Student Association of Environmental and Adventure Activity such as MAHACITA, BIOCITA, BOEMI, JANTRA, AVISAMBA, etc.
  • Health Sector : Volunteer Corps of the Indonesian Red Cross (KSRPMI).
  • Leadership Field : Intellectual Development of Student Leadership (UKM PIKM).


Arts is one of the which can acknowledge UPI to the world wide. UPI has a very well-known art group namely KABUMI which performed by students, lecturers, staffs and alumnus. The group has been performing in many international tours in countries such as England, French, Germany, Yugoslav, Belgium, Malaysia, South Africa, and the United States.


As UPI has a faculty with specialization on Health and Sport education, it also has equipped with various kind of sport facilities such as Sport infrastructures which include Sport Hall, Football Fields, Volleyball Fields, Badminton Fields, Basketball Fields, Softball Fields, Tennis Fields, Golf Driving Range, Swimming Pool, to nurture and develop students’ talents and skills. These facilities are accessible by all of UPI staffs and students with Term and condition applied.

Students Achievement

UPI students are highly motivated to participate in both national and international events and have made some outstanding achievements.