Community Services

Lemon Liquid Soap Making Machine to Boost Family Economic Resilience

Siti Mujdalipah, S.TP, M.Si dan Asep Hadian Sasmita, S.Pd, M.Pd

Business activists in Cigugur Girang Village produce large quantities of lemon juice but have a low selling value. The challenge for the business activists is to build the competitiveness of lemon products by increasing their knowledge and to mastery the technology process in producing various products that have high selling value from the lemon itself.

Until now, the availability of machine tools to increase the advantages of lemon products on a commercial scale is still low, making it difficult for businesses to develop. Siti Mujdalipah & Asep Hadian Sasmita, who are researchers from the Agroindustrial Technology Education Study Program, Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education (FPTK), Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. They have developed community service research by designing a liquid coir making machine that uses lemon in the village of Cigugur Girang to become a soap product which has many advantages and also has a selling point.

This community service program is carried out for the commercial development of lemon products to increase economic resilience through the innovation of large-scale liquid soap making machines that are capable of producing for commercial purposes. The purpose of implementing this service activity is to design and develop liquid soap making machines for commercial capacity. Meningkatkan penguasaan proses teknologi mitra dalam pembuatan sabun cair pada kapasitas komersil. Juga untuk Meningkatkan pengetahuan juga keterampilan dalam mengelola manajemen mitra untuk menjadi lebih professional.

The programs that carried out in this service include educational activities on the economic potential of lemon peels, the benefits, and the importance of product packaging and labeling. Training activities and practice of extracting limonene oil from lemon peel through the distillation method. Training on making liquid dish soap by adding limonene oil from lemon zest. Design and Development of a Liquid Soap Machine and Training on Making Liquid Soap Using a Liquid Soap Maker.

The benefit of this activity is to help establish a liquid soap business unit that can be a source of livelihood for lemon orange business activists. Also to increase economic resilience through the establishment of a professional liquid soap business unit for the Cigugur community.

Periodically, the research team conducts program evaluations on improving student abilities, program evaluation on financial analysis (income generate) and also program analysis on community response.