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Startup Business Incubation

Dr. Cepi Riyana, M.Pd. Dr. Agus Taufiq, M.Pd. Dr. Dadang Sukirman, M.Pd. Dadi Mulyadi, M,T

Indonesia only has 0.18% entrepreneurs of the current population, it takes at least 2% of the population with a profession as an entrepreneur to become a Developed Country. To respond to this, it is higher education institutions that should be the incubators to produce competent human resources that have soft skills in the field of Entrepreneurship, through strengthening the Entrepreneurship Courses. Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) needs to increase the spirit of entrepreneurship through intensive and effective coaching programs by involving Information and Communication Technology. The development of the Start-Up Business Sector in Indonesia is a great opportunity for UPI students in the field of entrepreneurship to achieve success, through intensive and sustainable coaching.

Business Incubation is a tool for implementing a program designed to foster and accelerate the success of business development through a series of capital programs that are followed and supported by other business institutional development partnerships to turn the small business into a company. Start-up business for UPI students was developed to increase hard skills and soft skills as well as increase entrepreneurship acceleration, creating new entrepreneurs for UPI students, increasing the entrepreneurship quality and quantity of UPI students, and generating income.

The business incubation activity begins with the selection stage. Opening of program participant selection, selection of interests and talents, and entry behavior in determining IT work fields, adjusted to the characteristics of program participants (students)

Training activities

This activity provides training in Business Start-up Knowledge and Skills through Soft skill Techno-preneurship Training, Hard skill Techno-preneurship Training, Business Process Training in the field of Techno-preneurship and Training on Business Work Design (Business Plan).

Marketing Activities.

This activity is carried out by coaching the Product / Service Marketing Aspects, Product Marketing through non-ICT media, Product marketing through ICT and TV / Video media, ICT production seminars to the UPI community and outsiders all through online (E-Commerce)

Create business activities.

This activity provides coaching on the production aspects of the Program through Online Business Product Manufacturing, Standalone-based ICT Product Manufacturing, Multimedia Product Development, ICT Service Product Development, Photography, and Videography Development as well as Culinary Products.